The world of Hopfs

The World of Hopfs

What is it?

This story is a small introduction to the simple requirements of evolution: variation, heritability, and selection. People often perceive evolution as something complicated, it can, however, be boiled down to few processes. Evolution just describes that the genetic composition of populations changes over time.

The book introduces the reader to the “Hopfs,” which represent a quite natural animal population. There are some differences between the individuals, and children inherit some of those from their parents. And sometimes the environment determines who can survive and reproduce. Of course, the Hopfs are not real animals, but the basic principles you will get to know are the same as they are in nature.

Where to get it?

By now, The World of Hopfs has been translated into ten different languages. You can download most of them on the project homepage, and you can also order a paperback version there.

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