The World of Hopfs

A small bedtime story about evolution

What is it?

The world of Hopf is a small story about the basic ingredients for evolution: Variation, Heritability and Selection. It is best read by kids together with their parents, but also by either of them alone. The making of the book was generously supported by the European Society for Evolutionary Biology ESEB.

Who made it?

The Hopfs were brought to life by Jan Heuschele, a biologist with a keen interest in evolution, scientific outreach and drawing. If you want to know more about his research and other projects feel free to visit his website or send him an email to jan[add]

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You can get the book from the following sources (iBook, pdf, read online). It is free in its digital form, and for some of the languages it is already available as an iBook, with additional explanations in case you want to learn more about evolution. Please consider buying a paid version with the dark cover (only 2.99 Euro) in the iBook store to support the author if you want to see more books like this.

Here you can download "The world of Hopfs" pdfs in different languages, but without the interactivity of the iBooks versions.

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I am very grateful for the increasing number of translations of "The World of Hopfs" by my friends and colleagues worldwide. If you want to know more about them please visit their websites!

Jithin Vijayan, Malayalam

Uroš Savković, Aleksandra Savković, and Nataša Kotaraš Bjegović, Serbian

Catharina Broch, Norwegian

Rodrigo Gonçalves and Christina Durán, Spanish

Sofia Ferreira, Portuguese

Ying Liu, Chinese

Philipp Brun, German

Rick Bruintjes, Dutch

Martyna Molak, Polish

Katrina Lythgoe, English copyediting

Lise Marty, French